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Travelers and Tourists

Each day we find out something else: images, motivations, feelings, elements that induce us to venture out of our environment to see new ambiences.

This week in the course of a trip to Jamaica, I was mulling over what human beings actually search when they decide to embark on a journey; how diferent our motivations are when we do it and how two people can return to the same place armed with so different sensations, feelings and perceptions.

I also receiwed the diferent reasons and needs that each and every man, woman and child may have to make the marvelous decision of going on a trip, let alone the handful of times we barely realize that when we decide to visit a country we don’t visit it indeed.

What we actually do is stay at a hotel. That’s not bad, but we should say to ourselves what we just want to do it for: good fares, satisfaction, culture, show off before our friends, be travelers or tourist. Is it the same thing. Experts say it’s not. No, it isn’t.

And that’s when choosing our destination really starts making a difference. Closer to home or miles away? In a place where our language is spoken? Will we go out the hotel? Will we take on long tours? May we drink or smoke? Looking for sex? Party?. Who are we traveling with? Is it going to be a business trip?

The moment we answer those questions and many others that cross our minds, then we’ll define our travel style, the way our vacation or working mode is going to be configured. The situation will definitely arise huge doubts, but at the end of the day the decision will be clear.

Will we travelers? Will be tourists? Perhaps an adjective could qualify our action. Moreover, will we be adventurers? What emotions will overtake us? Or, will fear strike us due to our lack of knowledge or information about the place we want to sally forth to? If that were the case, it’ll be a cakewalk because there lots of professionals in travel agencies that will immediately be at our beck and call, ready to help us out, to relay all the information and experiences they have. Let’s listen to them. They’re our help.

Jose Carlos de Santiago Editor