On the pages of this issue, we have delved deeper into the most natural world through the paradises granted by Nature.

For centuries, Nature has been around the different settlers that has inhabited the world, has reached us and I’m doubtful if the situation will continue being the same in the far and near future.

These last generations will be recalled as the most destructive ones of the environment; though, contradictorily, opportunities are abundant to enjoy Nature, since never before distances have been so short and the possibility of traveling so easy.

The Caribbean is an area that still has many corners to be discovered, many of them virgin and if this small contribution worths the effort, we request all those who hold a responsibility in countries, organizations, and so forth, to be aware that tourism should never be developed while destroying the sites, let´s do a real sustainable tourism, not for the sake of complying with certain norms for not being embarrassed and only then we will be pleased to publish many feature articles like these ones, very green and for a long time, as the ones that have been placed in your hands today.