Now that we still have the Holy Week holidays fresh in our minds, we cannot help but sneak off our consciousness –still busy trying to catch its breath back alongside our visas- and dive into the summertime catalogs as we elbow our way every morning into the subway, the commuter train or the bus looking for some leg-stretching space.

How odd it is to picture in our minds that, parallel to that small daily world of ours in which developments occur in humdrum and nonstop ways, the rest of the globe is still out there: the Caribbean beaches, Latin America’s natural beauties... they’re all in the same place. And the calmness we feel when we get there. No wonder this is May’s Wednesday trapped in the frenzied rush hour.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the real scope of things and we appear to be caught in a movie of sorts: only the scenes we see as we walk past them are real.

That’s what travel magazines are good for, too, thus providing evidence of what we don’t see before out very eyes, or at least that moment we failed to take a snapshot of to capture an enjoyable image for the longest time.

Travel catalogs and magazines always cast a special spell on me. I’ve gotten a kick out of taking a grand tour around a tower in the most uneven destinations, and sitting amid my spellbound experience I’ve lived the most amazing adventures.

Just like Alice crossed onto the other side of the mirror, I avail myself of this opportunity to give you a tiny piece of advice, or maybe just to broach an idea: jump now from here into the next page and stay there all the way to the end of this trip.