My Caribbean is not always blue. The people not always smile. Food is not only lobster and palm trees sometimes don’t have coconuts and are not so tall either. In my Caribbean, people don’t live wearing bikinis at all time nor their bodies fit on size ten. They are not always black nor blond nor dance endlessly. My Caribbean is not always a booklet where the sun is always shining and couples are in permanent honeymoon while the rest is sailing, swimming or diving. though a paradise, my Caribbean is like the rest of the world, because in paradise the people live, is different, work, struggle and feel beyond the patterns of a stereotype. My Caribbean is wonderful because in it, and through the eyes of its people I have discovered forgotten things that I loved to recover. just because each island, each country—large or small—is different and everyday at dawn people face the mystery of existence as every human being in any corner on Earth. My Caribbean is mine because this is the way I see it. And how is yours? Why don’t you look inside and tries to discover something else. I’m sure you will find it.