Why is there figure numbers, places or monuments that become magic? Maybe there will be a hidden motive, but really this is a fact.

Number ten (10) is special and the end of also the year.

This is the number ten of our magazine, this one that you have in your hands just right now, and it is for all us like an anniversary, like an arrival to a different and privileged place where we are impulsed to continue to reach many more magic numbers.

Somebody have travelled with us the whole walk, some others come with us today, but with everybody we wish to travel to a new piece of the Caribbean, to arrive to unknown places like there where we can find always the snow, and we can sail to Martinica to sink in the green of its forests, in the blue of its waters and to take a walk by the past through the rum haciendas, by the hand of the charming inhabitants.

This is a moment to say goodby to the year, our first complete year as “excellences”, from these pages, closing the eyes to travel by the magazine to places that only exists in our imagination and giving cheers for many more destinations, many more years, many more readers. Walking this road, we will reach the number 100, even you do not notice.

Consuelo Elipe