I love the Caribbean when it’s raining. Right here sitting under the Palapa and a fresh and downpouring rain, with the Caribbean Sea before my very eyes, I think there’s only a handful of sensations as heart-throbbing as this one.

It seems as if all our concerns were washed away by the rainfall. And when the storm is over, all of us will be twice as much relaxed and strong to go on with our daily lives.

Maybe I also like it because this is the flop side of the traditional sunny Caribbean image. And that’s always been one of this magazine’s objectives from the word go: to see what you don’t usually see.

Metaphorically speaking, the Caribbean could be a rainbow because sun and rain blend in it, as also do the influences of so many places and origins that have come about as a result of a richness so hard to match and look at to a naked eye. That’s why we’re tirelessly trying to show other aspects, see the other side of countries, cultures and peoples.

Travel choices in the Caribbean are getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. There are more and more options for everybody, so we think it’s worth unlocking our minds wide open and launching ourselves into this fun-packed region as less conventionally as we can, just getting to know what “our trip is all about.”

This is perhaps one of the scarce opportunities we have to show pluckiness because there’s nothing standing in the way…