Today, I must congratulate our managing editor Consuelo Elipe in one of the most emotional moments of these years we’ve been working together. The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) –the institution that clusters all countries in the region- recently held a journalistic and photographic contest entered by all articles published in newspapers, magazines and online publications from the whole wide world. Its jury picked Consuelo’s article on the island of Aruba, put out in our Caribbean Tourist Excellencies magazine, the prizewinner in the category of Best Consumer Feature Report in a Newspaper, Magazine or Online Publication in Europe. The CTO also highlighted our magazine’s steady and exclusive dedication to the promotion of the Caribbean, and so the organization put it in its press release.

When international recognition to your work has just been put in black and white in this humble piece of paper, those of us who’ve been with you along this long and winding road every step of the way want to applaud you from the bottom of our hearts.

Describing to our readers the discovery of amazing destinations, dreamed-of paradises and lovely people has always been your goal. You’ve certainly made it.

It’s very hard to convey the happiness of your workmates at this moment, so we just wish you to keep on writing with the same strength you’ve done so far, to continue providing our readers with such superb descriptions and to enjoy so much what you see and write about.

Jose Carlos de Santiago Editor-in-chief