In these Spring days we feel closer to the Caribbean and, although this is a reality for many people, we want it to be a reality for everybody.

For that reason, we continue bringing near each immense, unknown, curious, fascinating country and corner of this region. We will get you acquainted with exciting people that have a lot to offer and teach to those inhabiting a far region; those that are immersed in another lifestyle and another philosophy so different from that of Caribbean people; a life we want to escape so many times, especially when we see the first sunbeams.

Passing through that cultural wealth, we will give you ideas to organize the dreamed journey. We will take you to Colombia, the country of the Sacred Heart, where we will see all the wealth of its contrasts and legends. We will rest and enjoy the landscape of a natural paradise called Cayo Coco. We will vibrate with cockfights an amazing show, and, finally, we delight ourselves with recipes from the Venezuelan cuisine or a fine cigar at the world premiere of Trinidad’s in Havana.

We pretend to make shorted and more pleasant that pace of time elapsing before fulfilling the dream called Caribbean, learning to know it and love it first in our pages.