The undisputed aroma of a good Cuban cigar opens the door for us and we cannot but be seduced by it. Its color, texture and the irrepressible desire to have it and smoke it makes us reach the best place for it: Casas del Habano.

They have the best brands of tobacco worldwide. But this is just one of their distinctions. If you think about it, it is the only place where you can enjoy three elements at the same time: buy the best cigar, smoke it in a total environment of complicity and thought exclusively for you and see, in situ, how the famous and pure Cuban cigar is rolled.
Belonging to the commercial company Caracol s.a., the Casas del Habano offer personalized attention, are distributed in six provinces of Cuba and are present in some of the main tourist centers of the island.
Here you can find the classic brands such as Cohíba, Romeo y Julieta or Montecristo, as well as others that also stand out for the quality of the tobacco leaf, the even burning upon lighting and the ductility of the cigar when it is time to smoke it.
But if you want to go further, many of them have, in situ, a torcedor (a cigar roller). You can dialogue with the person in charge of balancing out the layers of tobacco for the filling and its completion. The cigar rollers, authentic tobacco masters, will show you how to make a cigar, the steps they take and what are the necessary skills to make it a product of excellence.
The Casas del Habano offer Cuban rum and coffee, promotional items for smokers, gastronomy services and rum and liquor tastings.
Partagas and his good friends
It was the first Casa del Habano founded in Cuba in 1993. Located in one of the most popular thoroughfares of the city, inside the very tobacco factory and behind the emblematic Capitolio of Havana, this house is a symbol of tobacco tradition.
The Casa del Habano Partagás, one of the most recognized in the world, is pure Cuban character. Just two years after its founding, it celebrated, together with Habanos S.A., the 150th anniversary of the Partagás brand. But three years later, they decided to have their own event in order to bring together their most loyal customers who became friends and those new ones who decided to come.
Called Meeting of Partagás friends, it gathers the most exclusive distributors, managers of the Casas del Habano from all over the world, executives, businessmen, personalities and, of course, the good smoking friends.
The next edition will be one of the most special ones. In 2018, the 25th anniversary of the Casa del Habano Partagás will be celebrated. The meeting, scheduled from November 12 to 16, will include tasting of cigars, a smoking competition, shows, nautical and country activities, customer recognition, auction and gala dinner. A special offer will be humidors made by prestigious Cuban plastic artists: a very complete program, sponsored by Habanos S.A., Havana Club and Cuba Ron.
The Casas del Habano, whose products have a designation of origin endorsed by Habanos S.A., are the reflection of the most genuine Cuban culture and have become heirs of the traditions of our aboriginals.
They are unique spaces. They propose a journey in time. To smoke a cigar of some of the finest vitolas is to feel the birth of a nation, the strength of our ancestors and the greatness of the Cuban orishas. The sensations inspired by the best tobacco in the world open paths, are good omens and unleash passion for this island.