Here in Europe, it’s very hot during these days. Yes I know that in the Caribbean is also hot, but a different hot, a blend of water, music and the warm of the peoples found in the streets. I have always thought that summer can only be pleasant staying in lost paradises, near the beach shores of white sands with the wave sounds as a background and I still abide by this way of thinking. Isn’t these dreams of escaping from the block-cities what keep us alive? The Caribbean is that dream, never out of fashion, preserved as a mysterious myth, despite the fact that one travels more and more and the mass media provides plenty of information on different topics. But still the Caribbean has the ability to make us think more of it, as long as we know it better, much is left to see and if what we have lived is not so paradise-like, is because much of these worlds of dreams still remain to be seen farther on. We are at the last stage of this urban summer. Another step and the fresh breeze of the Caribbean Sea will surrounds us. For those who cannot make it this year, the recipe is to submerge in our web sites near the fan and stick to the eternal hope next time that will be possible.

Consuelo Elipe