The larger-than-life Habanos Festival is about to turn two decades and it joins the celebration of the Excelencias Group’s 20th birthday, a company that from the very beginning has been a part of the world’s number-one event on premium cigars, keeping readers from all five continents posted on each and every development, people who hear the word Habano as a token of authenticity, quality and unique character, let alone an ambassador of Cuban culture and roots to everywhere.
With this special and exclusive issue, the Excelencias magazine rolls up the curtain to mark our 20th anniversary (1997-2017) as it pays tribute to a centennial knowledge that right from the start found the key to success in a long manufacturing process, a process that tees off with the selection of the finest tobacco seeds and goes on with a complex farming, the picking of the best leaves and wrappers in Vuelta Abajo, in the Pinar del Rio province, and comes to a close with the hand-rolling of those gems at prestigious cigar factories. It’s a process that comes into being thanks to the passion of men and women who turn leaves into masterpieces that boast –no matter how fleetingly- great values to be showcased beyond the seas and be considered an art.
Hand in hand, Habanos S.A. and the Excelencias Group have proudly cherished the ties that bind us, a relationship grown and reaped from the earliest festivals, and that becomes tangible each year with the launch of each event’s official magazine. What’s more, that relationship also expands to other products contributed by us, such as the digital and printed newspapers dedicated to the gourmet realm.
Two celebrations that come as one; a one-and-only event and a unique magazine; and all this much unfolds amid pairings, galas, lectures, tastings, special moments and a common denominator: the unmatchable Habano. Because twenty years are a short period of time when the desire to get the job done becomes a reason to live, when the eyesight is always set on the horizon.