José Carlos de Santiago

The most emblematic habano brand, and the best-known in the world, is turning half a century of existence. From the very beginning, the key to the prestige of Cohiba has hinged on its exclusiveness, but also on its long and thorough making process, a process that kicks off with the selection of the finest seeds, followed by a complex farming procedure and the handpicking of the best leaves and wrappers from Vuelta Abajo, only to come to a close with the hand-rolling and manufacturing at the larger-than-life El Laguito cigar factory.
No wonder Cohiba has always been a coveted and sought-after gift, let alone a privilege for any habano lover on the face of the earth; and even for those who are not and yet recognize in these habanos a symbol per se of the Cuban identity.
Hand in hand with Habanos, S.A. and Cohiba, Excelencias has also walked down this path in recent years, proud of the relationship that keeps us all committed to one another.
As it happens with Cohiba, this relationship –born from a selected seed since the early going of the habano festivals- has been growing stronger through the years in a complex process that reaches its pinnacle with each event and the launch of the Excelencias magazine issue dedicated to the Habano Festival. But it gets perpetuated with other publishing products, such as the digital or printed newspapers, or our supplements devoted to the gourmet world.
Each and every one of them is for Excelencias a reason to remain proud and committed. And in all of them, one way or another, we also spread out that Cuban sentiment that wafts up from a Cohiba.