When we look back into its stories, traces and legacy, each and every atom of social repercussions and developments, we notice that Havana and Habanos share more in common than this pun that binds them together and immortalizes them. This year, the capital of all the Cuban people celebrates its 500th anniversary, alongside with the 20th birthday of a flagship cigar brand: San Cristobal de La Habana, just another anonymous complicity that takes us -other than the same genetic code they share- perhaps to a magic that comes alive out of both the intention and the complicity.
And so is Trinidad, the celebrated and birthday-frolicking village in the Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus. As many as 505 years under its walls inspired the creation of just another brand -already immortal- named after the abovementioned village. The Trinidad Habano celebrates two decades of existence, two decades of preference among the most demanding connoisseurs, among those who crave the very best premium cigars. Two Habanos, two Cuban and Caribbean cities, and three celebrations, because the 21st edition of the Habano Festival is the setting of choice to unite so many joys and commemorations by gathering, once again, the cream of the crop worldwide in a one-and-only event.
Thanks to the symbiosis of knowledge and traditions from the Taino origins, the well-kept secrets in the process that each and every leaf takes, the peerless quality of the soils and the Cuban climate to grow and harvest tobacco, Habanos continue leading the market of the world’s best and most sought-after cigars. They comprise culture and tradition, identity and Cuban character, a wonder that invites us to revel in the utmost rapture.
Today, Excelencias toasts with Habanos S.A. to Havana and Trinidad. Our group, and particularly this magazine we piece together with so much love year after year, join the celebrations of these two brands and these two cities, both Cuban and international, both wonderful and magnificent, that belong to all of us.