Once again Havana gathers the lovers of Habanos and makes room for producers, distributors and retailers of such an exclusive product of Cuba –a symbol of this land and an expression of genuine art– to share experiences and spend time together. That explains the significance of the 11th Habano Festival as the perfect setting to review results, touch base with tobacco growers and cigar rollers in the fields and in the factories, take part directly in presentations and tasting sessions of new habanos, share marketing standpoints and strategies that could provide habano lovers from around the world with a variety and availability of their top-notch brands of choice.

The most important thing for Habanos S.A. is the magnificent opportunity to welcome friends and open up the doors of their own realm by making them a part of their achievements and projections, just like one big family that huddles only for a week every year and makes the most of this chance to check on every detail and lay out the new line of action for the future. While still working on the event preparations, over 1,000 delegates from 60 nations have confirmed their attendance. Several highlights will mark this year’s edition of the Festival, yet the highest expectations have been pinned on the much-anticipated launches of the Cohiba Gran reserva and MonteCristo open.

These are no doubt exclusive and full-fledged products Habanos S.A. has been painstakingly working on for years because everybody knows all along that such superb gems are the result of thorough research, nitpick- ing selection, rigorous treatment of the raw materials and, finally, wise decision-making based on production.

Thus, we suggest you to stay all on toes and keep an eye on the event’s schedule that also promises to put major brands like Trinidad and San Cristobal de La Habana on the limelight as they celebrate their 40th and 10th anniversaries, respectively.

From February 23 to 27, the Habano Festival will surely be a party of the senses, a burgeoning occasion for the ultimate smoke, a confirmation of Cuba’s undisputed leadership and enrooted tradition in both the produc- tion and sale of Premium cigars

Jose Carlos de Santiago