"Arsenio Escolar, presidente de la AEEPP / AEEPP Chairman Arsenio Escolar."

Excelencias Group Wins Award for Best General Publication in Spain

Among the Editors of the Year, the President and Editor-in-Chief of Excelencias Group, Jose Carlos de Santiago, was awarded with the 2011 Accesit Award for Best General Publication Editor, granted by the Spanish Association of Periodical Publication Editors (AEEPP, Spanish acronym), which analyzed all magazines and newspapers published in 2010.

The awards were given out by the Vice President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, on behalf of President, Esperanza Aguirre, in a ceremony held at the regional government’s headquarters, the Real Casa de Correos palace. The event was attended by AEEPP’s president Arsenio Escolar, as well as editors and directors of groups and companies from the publishing sector, representatives of more than 600 Spanish dailies and magazines, and other boldface names from the political, cultural, sports, advertising and showbiz worlds. The awards, granted this year for the sixth time, acknowledged the publishing achievements in 2010 in three categories: the first one (A), for professionals and companies from the publishing sector; second one (B), for people and companies providing services and collaborating with the publishing sector, and the third one (C) for individuals, institutions and organisms that excelled in the sector during the previous year. AEEPP’s annual awards were founded in an effort to recognize the achievements of editors and people from of other walks of life with outstanding results in Spain’s social and cultural life. In the A category they are granted to the editor of general publications who has shown best proficiency in the realm of editing being creative, original, innovating and willing to take risks in the development of his or her work.” Following an agreement between AEEPP and Spain’s Royal Mint (Real Casa de la Moneda), this year’s AEEPP 2011 Award winners received as well two exceptional medals minted in 1974 and 1983 by the National Coinage and Stamp Factory. They were minted at the Spanish Royal Mint using exceptional techniques and machinery and were part of the Royal Mint Museum’s collection. AEEPP’s president Arsenio Escolar Ramos, said the Accesits Awards have become one of the most important events in the Spanish publishing sector. He noted that “supporting the association’s members and standing up for the sector have always been among AEEPP’s objectives since it was founded 11 years ago, and that one of the ways to do so is by recognizing and rewarding good works, applauding creative initiatives and acknowledging those who open new roads to others.” This year’s award had a record of participants with a double number of candidates than in 2010 and 112 publications and works submitted, as confirmed by AEEPP’s general secretary Carlos Astiz. “This could be because in periods of crisis, people turn to all means of promotion within reach,” Astiz stated regarding the increase in the event’s turnout. The Spanish Association of Periodical Publication Editors emerged in January 2000 as an initiative of a group of businessmen in the editing sector. One decade later the institution boasts 130 associate editors from every sector including three of the most important Spanish newspapers. In total, it groups 690 headlines in print and 270 online. AEEPP has delegates all over Spain; it is part of the International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP, Spanish acronyms) and the European Federation of Magazine Publishers (FAEP, Spanish acronyms). Amid crisis times, AEEPP upholds its objective of representing, managing, promoting and defending the rights and interests of the national publishing sector and more specifically of associate members, concerning distribution, sales outlet, unfair competition, relations with Administrations, fairs, media, agreement negotiations, new technologies and professional training. AEEPP is certainly one of the most extraordinary associative initiatives in Span, and it is the largest Spanish association of publishers. Headlines published from the Spanish State. Created in an environment of dialogue, tolerance and willingness to bring together all the ideas and trends existing within publishing sector, in the new road taken in this century, AEEPP and all its associates have lay the first stone to build an increasingly stronger and better organized sector in the Spanish society.