Stressing on sport and adventure tourism, sustainability as an indispensable condition for the future of the travel industry, and the Internet and the latest technologies working for the sake of tourism and travel –among other hot issues- World Travel Market swings the gates of the 2011-2012 winter season wide open. The organizers turned to UK Olympics Minister Jeremy Hunt to deliver the keynote speech at the opening of the last big-time gathering of world tourism in this country, in anticipation for the huge sport event that will be coming to London in the summer of 2012. This is a major showroom for countries in the Caribbean, a region that has been huddling and discussing such important issues as tourism and other related topics, a move that allows them to map out a common projection in a multitude of fields that are in the region’s best interest, especially in terms of sustainability. This is also a timely opportunity to showcase a responsible tourist offer that has come of age and has grown in terms of both variety and possibilities, increasingly oriented toward the preservation of environmental and heritage values, as clearly reflected in the pages of this issue.

José Carlos de Santiago