José Carlos de Santiago

Central America is synonymous of adventure. Its nature, culture and human warmth make it a coveted region for the development and enjoyment of this travel modality. Modern travelers are increasingly behaving like sailors, pilots, globetrotters who pursue the need to feel new, unusual and bold sensations in their lives. Its condition as a natural bridge between countries and regions buttresses the zone’s stance as a tourism corridor per se.
Latest trends point to a boost of multi-destination travel all across the region as visitors are taken to the most beautiful and interesting locations of the potential Central American destinations. On the quest for that alternative tourism, different forums and meetings in the continent advocate for strategies that could open up new connectivity and direct routes to the region from the rest of the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Increasing regional airlift turns the chance to make out a peak from the base of a volcano into a starting point for an itinerary that could take us to pre-Hispanic ruins, colonial cities, sunken treasures, exotic beaches and a whole lot more.
Excelencias intends to be a part of that journey. Once again, the World Travel Market and EIBTM Barcelona —the top events for the travel industry worldwide—bring an opportunity to share history, peace and the traditions cherished by the Caribbean destinations.