Cable Beach is one of the most sought-after places of the Bahamas, a famous place where ideal beaches, deluxe hotels and casinos melt into one another
Cable Beach is a paradise inside the Bahamas, an archipelago blessed by nature and the past, where visitors come in search of the magic of its waters and the warmth of a hospitable people.
Either on a cruise or through the Lynden Pindling International Airport, you arrive in the island of New Providence where Nassau is located —the island nation’s capital— to watch a blend of tourism modernity and a longstanding history of piracy.
The proximity to the United States exerts considerable influence on its popularity as a travel destination for sunbathers eager to escape the bustling big-city life. Just a few minutes to the west of the celebrated city, the four-mile-long strip of Cable Beach foreshores stands, with New Providence standing tall as home to some of the location’s most luxurious hotels and featuring breathtaking views. That combination pieces together a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Even the climate plays a role in seducing and enthralling those who get to this neck of the woods. With trade winds blowing over the Bahamas, weather is always balmy and nice, with little chance of rainfall all year round.
For many, the white sands of Cable Beach’s shore make it one of the world’s finest beaches, as underscored by those who choose this place to bask in the sun in a laidback atmosphere. Others prefer to take a swim, play with their families, unearth the underwater world or just go snorkeling with or without scuba diving gear.
Walking down the shoreline, while feasting eyes on the vast ocean, is like moving back to hundreds of years ago when pirates used to roam the Bahamas. Locals tell stories of underwater treasures of unfathomable value that lie dormant under the sea, waiting for lucky swimmers to unbury them. They were aboard ships that ran aground on the shore and eventually sank; others were ransacked by corsairs and buccaneers that stayed in the lurch near the most famous trade routes.
Perhaps, you could unknowingly traipse down the same pathways once taken by looters like Henry Morgan —the man who plundered Portobello and Panama— or the most celebrated of all: the mythical Edward Teach, a.k.a. Black Beard, the bandit that led the Republic of Corsairs as elected by other pirates who recognized his unmatchable notoriousness.
The fact of having hotels and restaurants close to the sea gives the feeling that Cable Beach has everything it takes. Vendors, so used to treating and dealing with visitors, sell refreshments and umbrellas to shelter from the sun. Lying under the shade, while hearing the music blaring out of the bars and the laughter of frolicking children, provide a completely playful ambience.
In an effort to meet the most demanding preferences, beaches are dotted with a golf course, famous casinos and shopping malls. Many love this place to tie the knot and take back home a nice keepsake of their wedding and more wonderful honeymoon.
And life goes on as the night closes in. Bars and nightspots offer just about every kind of show, a token that there are no limits to fun and relaxation here. In Cable Beach, life never stands still.