The Chiriquí Gulf is a paradisiacal place located west of the Republic of Panama and comprises a great deal of islands and islets, superb marine and wildlife diversity and breathtaking landscapes. There are also blue beaches of fresh and calm waters, and amazing travel offers aboard La Cocalera, a unique boat that sails across the gulf and is built to make visitors enjoy all the magic of the place.
La Cocalera makes calls to all major islands in the Chiriqui Gulf, featuring music, drinks, food and a stop in Playa Bongo, a large insular territory with campout locations, kayaking, horseback rides in farms and the chance to interact with nature.
The islands located in the Pacific Ocean also have a good deal of hotels, such as Bocas del Mar, Boca Chica Plantation Club, Seagull Cove Lodge, Cala Mia and Roxy, all of them fitted out with excellent accommodation opportunities.