Paco is a sculptor of patisserie, an artist from birth. Though he insists to say he’s not a professional per se, but rather an accidental one, there’s no way you can build the monuments this man creates if the art’s most genuine essence doesn’t run in his blood. His formation as a master pastry chef and his dedication to study and nonstop preparation gave him the knowledge and the expertise. Yet his sensitivity, spirituality and soulfulness are ingrained in his genes.
And since Paco is quite a man who doesn’t cotton on to absurd protocols or conventionalisms, he landed in Santiago de Cuba as the guest of honor of the First International Gastronomic Seminar Excelencias Santiago de Cuba 2015 and the First “From Cacao to Chocolate” International Symposium. Excelencias Gourmet sat down with this humble man who makes art disguised in patisserie.