The visitor must have passport or travel document Issued in your name and visa or Tourist Card. The cards of tourists are requested in the representations consulates of Cuba abroad. The exceptions are countries with which Cuba maintains free visa agreements. If you need to extend your stay in the country or change the mode of tourism, you must request information in your hotel or in the offices of nearest tourism.




The laws of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba prohibit the entry of: pornography, narcotics, narcotic animals alive, guns (these can be authorized, if it is of a hunting weapon, by the entity that deals with this modality tour). There is no limit to the amount of money in currency freely convertible, which can Enter okay. The import of freely convertible currency for natural persons it is free. The natural persons that its entrance to the national territory carry an amount greater than the five thousand us dollars (5000 USD) or its equivalent, are forced to declare it before the General Customs of the Republic. Not authorized the export of a well-considered Cultural Heritage or museable value, without authorization relevant. Handicraft no requires documentation for your export. Can be imported up to 10 kg of medications in Your containers No fees will be paid Customs provided be brought in a separate luggage. For the export of tobacco (more than 50 cigars) must submit the official sales invoice issued by the store network authorized to market tobacco Cuban crooked. Customs set limit for determination of the commercial nature to imports.




There are sanitary restrictions for travelers from countries where yellow fever and cholera are endemic or have been declared areas of infection by World Health Organization, in which case it is required to present the International Certificate of Vaccination. From March 1, 2016 the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba establishes: strengthen health control measures international and epidemiological surveillance, make the statement of health at the points of entrance to people coming from countries that report Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever. The people who arrive with fever will be referred for surveillance, study and treatment. The entry of products of origin Animal or vegetable is restricted. Pet entry requires of special procedures.