This issue with which this season begins is a very special one for us since with it, we made our official introduction in the Dominican Republic in the 23th edition of CTC ( Caribbean Tourism Conference).

and though this may sound extremely serious, and it does, for us is like wearing a formal dress for the first time in life and for a special occasion, because this coincides with the youth of the media where we work, the illusion for the life ahead of us and on occasions, innocence in a rather complicated world. For all this, we feel like adolescents before a new adventure.

this conference seems to us the most relevant occasion since the efforts of the region to strengthen the union between regional producers and the tourism industry is highlighted in this event once more, i. e. the respect for the indigenous characteristics and products of all member countries, but placing the emphasis on the emerging tourism industry.

and if this adventure were not enough, our magazine Excellences starts another path, speaking in another language, German, introducing to you Karibik, aimed at reaching more readers so that the Caribbean be a region known all over the world, our Caribbean, this set of elements that goes beyond the typical and superficial image.

students go back to school and we are ready, our pencils are sharpened and our minds purified so that today begins for us a life entirely devoted to the publishing world.

Consuelo Elipe