We are soon at the doors of the famous year 2000, though still no merit has been deserved by it to be so described. I cannot help to keep asking me the same question whenever I get aboard a plane: Why we cannot transport our material bodies as in futurist films?

Can you imagine traveling with no luggage, no concern about what to wear or carry, not to get up early to be at the airport at improper hours, no waiting, no queues, no travelers complaining because your "carry-on bag" was placed first than theirs, no lines before customs...

It would be wonderful simply to contact your virtual agency, close your eyes and be in the chosen destination, without any dark circle under the eyes, the hair well set, no haste, like a diva character of a super production.

Please do not think that I'm in favor of this cold and electronic future, on the contrary, I immediately regret what I wrote some lines before. I still enjoy the inconveniences of the "past" and do you know why? because I'm shy but at the same time, a passionate of the complexity of human relations, I love the direct contact with the written brochures and magazines that open the doors of our imagination to start dreaming, the cup of coffee we drink with another traveler while waiting, the purchases I made in the duty-free shops and the haste for getting the best place aboard.

It's better that films still remain as they are. I won't like at all wearing a galactic outfit, that would be awful, I love making the list of the clothes I will wear each day and the heavy luggage, that weight that I so much enjoy watching it disappearing.

So enjoy "the primitive," keep on reading a magazine made of paper and if you have determined to take steps toward the future, find us at internet. Our work and aim is to create tailor-made suits, either classic or galactic. You choose.

Merry Christmas for you all, in the Caribbean, at home whatever choice you have made and I also look forward that this millenium be accompanied by many suitcases and new friends.

Consuelo Elipe