Vacations come around as a strange phenomenon with curious consequences.

The desire to go out on vacations fill up both our minds and suitcases when we get ready to go. When they are over, emptiness overtakes us, a feeling that there’s nothing we can hope for. And it’s hard to plug that hole, not even when we spend the days after chatting like crazy about the time we lived and speaking in a nostalgic moodiness: “We were there two days ago. We visited this or that other place a week ago...”

Human motivations –so complexly assessed in details- are sometimes so simple! It’s all about wanting and fighting to get what we want, to accept the loss of what we have and travel. It also follows the same pattern of happiness and emptiness.

However, in that process of filling up on new things by learning and feeling there’s something missing when we get back home, the experience is worth it. Once we leave those moments behind and as nostalgia in put in the back of our minds, we enjoy the whole thing all over again and so will it be for the rest of our lifetimes.

The experiences that get under our skin and boggle our senses are harder to forget. Perhaps that explains why to discover through traveling is one of the miracles that helps us to fill up that existential emptiness.

And even when time ticks by and images in our minds start fading away, many of those long gone mementos stay ingrained in ourselves.