Each year, millions of men and women from around the world pack up and head straight for the Caribbean. That simple magic word is good enough to call the New World to mind, that world of wonder discoverers and dream weavers.

Unlike five centuries ago when bold seamen used to embark aboard rickety sailboats, today’s adventures in times of sleepless days and plenty of stress begin at home, with a family reunion to decide where to set sail to on a comfy jetliner, or perhaps aboard a formidable cruise liner outfitted with attractions that are way beyond belief.

In every case, the final destination is what actually counts. A new world of ever-changing dreams teeming with countless delights for the senses, good relaxation opportunities and blessed with all the pleasures that life can bring is what I’m talking about.

That’s how lovers who eloped to an enchanted island of breathtaking scenery to forge their lives together with a promise of everlasting love once imagined this place. That’s how naughty children that can run and play at free will in powder-thin sands –as they’d seen it on TV- are entitled to discover this place.

Even senior men and women, on their quest for a well-deserved and peaceful rest that’s good for reencountering and wallowing in the good things of life, find in hassle-free all-inclusive hotels the perfect place to meet both their biggest and tiniest desires in full details.

Nobody escapes the charming and peerless attraction of a vacation trip to remember, a journey that promises to be riddled with legends of pirates and buccaneers, let alone a many-sided cultural legacy trapped in the imaginative colors of fine artists, artisans, musicians and dancers.

And what can I say about the rich, splendid and brisk nature that we see in the sunny and astoundingly gaudy Caribbean dawns and twilights that are so hard to describe, those that are sprinkled with the last chirps of songbirds never seen before?

Here in the Caribbean, the New World stood majestically before the eyes of dazzled discoverers. This is the same neck of the woods that five centuries later keeps on overwhelming the lucky ones that can now feast their very eyes on it and fill their senses with pleasure.