There are certain moments in life when one feels the need of renovation, of experimenting that something is changing in our lives so as to continue keeping the illusion of the first moment.

This feeling also arises in projects and work teams working for some years to attain a goal with effort and one day they look at their creation and realize that many things have changed on the way, that they are not the same, nor the world nor the ideas that made emerged what they have in their hands now.

This is the fourth year of Caribbean Tourism Excellences magazine and everyone working daily in this publication is eager to provide the magazine with a new air, fresher and more mature, without putting aside the same principles by which they were brought here: the love for a certain area of the world and the wish to deep into every detail and corner of its people, life philosophy and natural and cultural wealth.

Thus we present for the first time in this issue, a new layout and sections titled Feature Articles dealing with music, gastronomy, craftsmanship, sports, etc. Another section is Options with useful tips and listing the best webs, books, where to eat, sleep, leisure, entertainment and the like, jointly with in-depth feature articles on the Caribbean and Latin America and travels with practical guides.

We start this year with a new look and the wish that this magazine gets closer and closer of what you look for in this lost paradise named the Caribbean, we know that it's difficult that a dream comes true, but sometimes the most complete happiness is attained in the pursuit of it.