En la exposición de la Fundación Sorigué se muestran algunas de las obras que mejor representan el trabajo que ha ido efectuando en estas tres últimas décadas.

Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz has just been bestowed with a photograph award by Hasselblad Foundation considered one of the most important worldwide. This award also provides US $125,000.00, a symposium on the work, an exhibition in the foundation headquarters, located in the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, and the publication of a book on the artist's creative career.
On evaluating his work, the jury has stressed his interest on “the passing of time, the quirks of history and the disintegration of image, all being the main research of Oscar Muñoz, thus questioning the reliability of the photographic medium.”
All this may be currently appreciated at the Sorigué de Lleida Foundation through the Oscar Muñoz: des/materializaciones exhibition, curated by the artist himself and Ana Vallés, director of the foundation. Fourteen works are exhibited in total: they are probably the ones that best characterize his mastery of drawing, photography, video, installment and engraving, all making up his creative space.
He is an artist committed to the spreading of art in his country; that is why he founded, in 2005, the Centro Cultural Lugar (Lugar Cultural Center) in Cali, which serves as a residence for young artists.