Summoned by the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas (National Council of the Performing Arts) of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba, we will soon celebrate the XVII edition of the Havana Theater Festival. Between October 20 and 29, and guided by Marti’s thought "in theater, as in everything, we can create in Cuba," the event is ratified as an enclave for the artistic exchange to and from our island. As an already established tradition, since its inaugural date in 1980, the Havana Theater Festival (FTH) welcomes, as a gigantic stage, the confluences and proposals of  different artistic languages and varied poetics that make up the international current of performing arts. «Theater-Society-Resistance» is today a condition of action and mobilization of focus. There is an international selection of proposals that, beyond its poetics, tendencies, contexts and limitations, insists on the intrinsic pertinence that implies to do theater with the rigor of artfulness. The invited national selection is the result of the most distinctive and rewarding work of the Cuban theater artists for the last two years, during which time, the changing world of today has been approached from the most dissimilar languages, Under the curatorial and artistic direction of theatrologist Omar Valiño, the organizers of the Festival welcome the colleagues from Cuba and other parts of the world. The Cuban audience, trained and educated through the tradition and achievements of our scene, is an active co-star of the artistic and academic program of the event. Havana is already expecting them to multiply that imagery of the world seizing on the powerful constructions of ideas, actions and emotions on their stages.