TURARTE, S.A., Artistic Show’s Agency from the Business Group CUBASOL S.A. of the MINTUR, presents itself at FIHAV 2017 as the producer and market enterprise of musical and dance shows, just like other artistic platforms of Music and Scenic Arts which are exhibited in the touristic installations of the country and exported abroad.
Seat in Havana and with representations in Pinar del Río, Varadero, Trinidad, Villa Clara, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba, TURARTE, S. A. offers technical-artistic advice to overproductions such as the ¡Oh, La Habana! Show of the emblematic Cabaret Tropicana; also gives assistance to medium-sized productions as Cubano, Cubano from the famous Cabaret Parisien of the National Hotel of Cuba and small productions as the Guayacán group which forms part of its Excellence Catalogue. Finally, the Dressmaking Workshop and the Artistic Technical Unit of TURARTE, S.A. guarantee the beauty, authenticity and the Cuban identity of its shows.