Swab Barcelona is confirmed as an important fair on the international artistic scene, especially in the emerging area, due to the rise of young creators from different areas around the world, where the contribution of the Arab and Latin American countries is more evident: This circumstance allows to appreciate that contemporary art has no borders.
The tenth edition of the Swab Fair took place, from September 28th to the 1st of October 2017, on the entire space of the Italian pavilion of the Montjuïc exhibition center, which, due to its special characteristics, serves the function of showing the public a large number of artists from very diverse countries with works accessible to the young collectors interested in the most transgressive avant-gardes.
Compared to last year, the number of galleries has increased, as there are seventy in this edition. If we take into account that the first call in 2006 was attended by forty-two, it means that the number has doubled.
It should be noted that there have been changes in the composition of the selection committee, since now there are gallerists, curators, museologists, cultural managers and collectors. This indicates that the main protagonists of the art market are present; a market that in recent times has had many ups and downs, but that is slowly recovering, as we have seen recently in the fairs of Arco and Art Madrid.
Painting is still alive despite the adverse opinions of certain critics and artists, since it can coexist perfectly with the new technologies that appear continuously. Let us not forget that figurative painting is more and more interested in young artists of art schools. Collector and business manager Alfred Herzog thinks that in the next few years "traditional techniques will continue to exist, as it has always been; painting, for example, continues to exist just like photography and video."