A la izquierda Quique Martínez, presidente de Ingenería del Arte, junto a José Manuel Fors y la arquitecta italiana Laura Roselli en el brindis de inauguración.

The Cuban participation in the 57th Venice Biennial was an exceptional, exciting and extraordinary event. The Cuban pavilion, conceived as a collective exhibition of fifteen artists, represented a great challenge that we assumed with the enthusiasm and commitment that our company has carried out innumerable art projects since the Décima Bienal de La Habana (10th Biennial of Havana) in 2009.
For this occasion, Ingeniería del Arte (Art Engineering) not only assumed packaging, transportation, conditioning, assembly of the exhibition and graphics, but also assumed the production and assurance of logistics for all actions stemming from the Cuban presence.
Ingeniería del Arte had accompanied the Cuban participation in the 55th edition of the Biennial of Venice. Since that moment, we had woven the great dream of obtaining an autonomous presence, where the Cuban artists did not share the space with any other country.
The Cuban Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennial would be located in the Loredan Palace, one of the most central and spacious spaces that could be dreamed of in Venice, and from there the utopia was unleashed.
A very good synergy between the artists and the rest of the team of assistants and assembly technicians was created. Precisely, this grouping of wills contributed to making the exhibition attractive, impeccably well assembled, and interesting in its variety of works, visions and generations of artists participating... in short, a very good example of what Cuban art is today.
We placed a book in the room for visitors to write their impressions. It was not the criteria of specialized critics or the conversation with this or that curator or specialist. It was visitors from all over the world who gave their opinions and especially the emotions arisen from the various pieces or the exhibition as a whole. I can assure you that there is absolutely no unfavorable criterion.