Eusebio Leal entrevistado por Amaury Pérez en el programa Con dos que se quieran.

Eusebio has been the Leal (loyal) friend since the uncertain days, and our city, which this year celebrates its first 500 years, is the only certainty we share. We both prefer doubts as we realized, since very early, that certainties are the haven of fools.
When its premises were limited only to the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales (Palace of the Captains General,) and mine (my premises) to those of a guitar and a few enthusiasts who followed me and my songs from park to park, Eusebio offered me, on the staircase that drive the infinity of the old building, lodging and relief. As early as 1977, I offered there many times, my musicalizations of the verses of the Apostle and his texts, which in the voice of Leal, highlighted the legacy of a man who represents and unites the whole nation. Very few today remember those evenings; we do, that is why we are convinced that Marti’s perfumed crassness and divinity united us, because with different degrees we are beings of religion, and God, in the face of the hero, must also have played his part in our obstinate, endearing and invincible relationship.
Together we have cried, laughed and sung our sorrows and we have defended ourselves at the same time when the sufferings of the soul and health tried to notch our armors in the thousand and one battles that the ministry of insensitivities made us wage. So our destinies intertwined. With an unalterable frequency, Sundays have belonged to us and the passing of time has strengthened, in the midst of the follies of daily life, the argument structure of true friendship.
For this and more, I am affording myself to give you this album that collects a part of the songs that our city deserved. To sing to and honor it must be the commitment of every noble Cuban who, in any part of the world, feels indebted to it and with which he has raised and moved the heart of the stones, the slabs, the walls, the buildings and the walks so that today, proudly, we may enjoy it.
To you, dear friend, I dedicate the unfinished project of my gratitude. Decades ago, you earned unconditional love.
(Words for the disc.)