One of those determining points of the Cuban ballet, which de ned stages to eventually become what we know today as the escuela cubana de ballet (Cuban ballet school,) is the de nition of a generation called Cuatro Joyas del Ballet Cubano (Four Jewels of the Cuban Ballet,) thus named by English critic Arnold Haskell, the person who drew attention over the way a group of dancers, who came from Cuba to Varna-Bulgaria, assumed the stage and won many of the medals of one of the most important ballet competitions of the old continent.
Josefina Méndez, Loipa Araújo, Mirta Plá and Aurora Bosch were dancers who consolidated the Cuban style, bequeathing for history a trail of favorable criticism and a series of images dif cult to forget.
On December 10, 2017, Aurora Bosch, one of the fabulous Four Jewels, will be celebrating 75 years of life, a full life during which she gave Cuban spectators
moments of great virtuosity and characters that set guidelines for the history of the national dance.
Still in our memory is her Odile from Swan Lake, her fabulous Queen of Willis from the Giselle Ballet, for which she received the Ana Pávlova Prize and the Special Dance Writers and Critics' Prize in 1966, at the International Dance Festival in Paris.
In 2003, she received the Premio Nacional de Danza (National Dance Award) along with her generation's partners, the highest distinction awarded to a performing artist in Cuba. Her career as a dancer alternated very early with pedagogy, becoming one of the founding teachers of the Escuela Nacional de Ballet (National School of Ballet) and the Facultad de Arte Danzario de la Universidad de las Artes (Faculty of Dancing Art of the
Arts University,) at which institution she is currently an Associate Professor since 1987, and from which she received the PhD in Art Sciences in 2000.

Cuba holds Aurora Bosch in great reverence, who was first a tremendous  first dancer and an unquestionable teacher later, a trainer of hundreds of performers. For her, the eternal gratitude of the Cubans for her extensive contribution to the history and development of Cuban dance.