The Arte en Casa (Art at Home) project, promoted by Comercial Lauros, an importing division of the cultural holding company Artex SA, celebrates its fifteen years treasuring the work of more than a hundred contemporary plastic artists, whose strokes and brushstrokes are imprinted in more than eight hundred utilitarian articles that are part of the daily life of Cuban households and the preference of tourists.

Preceded by Natural Cuba clothing line, whose concept starts from sketching details of the works of prestigious Cuban painters in garments, in 2003 this initiative came to stay to beautify the life of Cubans and their choice to preserve the indigenous cultural values, materialized in a wide line of products that range from decorative dishes, umbrellas, bathroom curtains, fans, tableware, sarongs and beach towels, coffee makers, ashtrays, lighters...

Cuban and universal contemporary art goes out of the galleries and museums to flood the streets of cities and towns of the Caribbean island, embodying its identity in airports and tourist centers, expressing the intimacy of those who make this project their own,
which demonstrates a refined taste for the art and the possibility of accessing pictorial works of great value, through objects with economic prices.

Arte en Casa is an original proposal promoted by a multidisciplinary team, whose work  guarantees the coherence between image and article, the quality of its production, and incorporates patrimonial works of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba and of internationally recognized Cuban contemporary artists of the likes of Alfredo Sosabravo, Roberto Fabelo, Flora Fong, Zaida del Río, Ernesto García Peña, Ever Fonseca, Alicia de la Campa, Yasbel Pérez, Ileana Mulet, and Arturo Montoto, among many others.