Latin America boasts a longstanding tradition in photography dating back to over a century and a half. However, in the course of the past three decades, the region has panned out to be a major powerhouse in the world realm of contemporary photography, thanks in part to the painstaking institutionalization process that swept the region by the hand of colloquiums and meetings held during the 1970s through the 90s, to the creation of institutions, events and publications, and to the professional training and formation of shutterbug artists.

The stamp photography has left on the contemporary visual culture moves up just another notch with the help of cutting-edge technology and the use of social networks as platforms for the promotion and consumption of images, let alone the temporality and immediateness of its access. The recognition to the work of young and not-so-young photographers on websites like Zonezero and Fotorrevista are good cases in point of how the Web can be used to foster knowledge on the region’s photography. Like these websites, the advance of new technologies in the field of photography has built a new kind of relationship between “users” and images on the one hand, and it has also allowed for further analysis and larger circulation on the other hand.

The image’s transit from analogical to digital within the Latin American context can be followed on the Web as well through the work of remarkable creators, something that redounds in the building of collective memory in both exclusive and horizontal ways. Following up on the promotion of websites and blogs by Latin American and Caribbean artists currently lodged on the World Wide Web, we suggest a selection of sites to click on and watch on cyberspace.


ARGENTINA Annemarie Heinrich: Eduardo Gil: Guillermo Loiácono: Eduardo Longoni: Helen Zout: Juan Travnik: Adriana Lestido: Marcos Zimmerman: Fernando Gutiérrez: Colección Fotógrafos Argentinos: FotoRevista: BRASIL Chico Albuquerque: Pierre Verger (Francia-Brasil): Mario Cravo Neto: Walter Firmo: Cassio Vasconcelos: Miguel Río Branco:

CHILE Cecilia Paredes: Alejandro Hoppe: Paz Errázuriz: Álvaro Hoppe: Javier Infante: Andrés Figueroa: Fernando de Melo: Rodrigo Opazo: Paloma Villalobos: Rosario Montero: Rodrigo Gómes Rovira: Sachiyo Nishimura: Gabriel Schkolnick: Marco Fredes: Concepción Fotográfica: Fotografía chilena:


COSTA RICA Karla Solano:

CUBA Alejandro González: Liudmila Velasco y Nelson Ramírez de Arrellano: Niurka Barroso: Rogelio López Marín (Gory) (Cuba-EEUU): Fondo Cubano de la Imagen Fotográfica:

GUATEMALA Daniel Hernández Salazar: Luis González Palma:

JAMAICA Albert Chong:

MÉXICO Vida Yovanovich: Pedro Meyer: Mariana Yampolsky: Lourdes Grobet: Francisco Mata Rosas: Adrián Bodek: Laura Cohen: Adriana Calatayud: Pía Elizondo: Edgar Ladrón de Guevara: Zonezero (México-EE.UU.):

PERÚ Carlos Montenegro: Ana María McCarthy:

VENEZUELA Alexander Apóstol: