Anima Mundi

Last October 2018, Anima Mundi was again on tour in Europe, playing in top theaters and stages of the rock scene, showing that music from Cuba is more than what people believe. 

From the view of modern progressive rock, the band, in its twenty years of musical career, has reached a distinctive sound, a creative and exciting style, mixing different influences, where there is always the echo of Cuban culture, although in principle it does not show itself obviously.

Generally, everyone associates Cuba rather with Afro-Cuban and tropical music, leaving aside other roots. Anima Mundi is also a result of that western trunk that Cuba has: Spanish families, mixed with French, Portuguese, and Germans...«People are looking for the mix that is considered typical, but we also feel part of Cuban music and we have many of its elements not visible but implicit. Because we do not make it obvious, but somehow we represent this other side: neither the visible nor what people look for in Cuba ».