La cantautora Rozalén, como siempre, acompañada por Beatriz Romero

More than twenty-five thousand people enjoyed in Granada, on May 31 and June 1st, the third edition of the “Bull Music Festival”: two nights, three simultaneous stages and fifty artists and bands among the most heard in contemporary Spanish music. Rozalén, C. Tangana, Mago de Oz, Ajax and Prok did not disappoint their followers and offered the most massive concerts.

The outdoor venue “El Cortijo del Conde” once again hosted a festival in which legendary bands such as Medina Azahara and Mago de Oz were present along with singer-songwriters Rozalén and Antilópez, top-notch urban artists Tangana and Arce, local talents and other lesser-known bands.

From five in the afternoon until dawn, the rhythm of the festival was exciting and in many moments we had to have an ear on the Graná Brugal stage and the other one on the Bull, because the concerts overlapped and we wanted to enjoy everything.

Music is life! And this variety of styles and musical rhythms are not easily found in one single place. A successful festival that we applaud, that we live and even dance, in our own way, of course.