Bariay: homenaje al encuentro entre dos culturas.
Iberoamérica siempre presente en Frida Khalo.

Iberian America has been a multinational space of deep and advanced thinking concerns, where peculiar ethical conceptions frequently formulated within social, political, educational, religious and aesthetic ideologies have always been present. Creole thinkers from the colonial times and practical men who led liberating movements in order to conquer the status of “nation,” individuals and groupings marked by root values inherent in the persistent Aboriginal ethnic substratum, and precarious people of republican times with relative independence built that Latin American ethos for itself that has become a paradigm of our projects for human improvement and that includes the search for truth, the desire for beauty in conscience and its expressions, a strong rejection of mercenary practices and betrayal, and the defense of legitimate love in its various meanings

If the notions of identity and self-harmony, of fusion between nature and society, of reason and revelation do not constitute ethical categories, the passionate fact of assuming and defending them does imply the presence of essential ways of a manifestation of what is ethical in the life and culture of this region. Both the most serious reflection, as the humor accentuated in certain continental and island countries, and also very numerous aspects of the amateur and professional imaginary, are deliberate or unconscious channels of the ethical reserve that magnetizes the multiple spirituality that is characteristic of us.