When art critic Maikel Rodríguez Calviño invited me to organize together the curatorial project that resulted in the collective exhibition “Piedras de río” at the “Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales,” with artists from Sancti Spiritus, I did not suppose that I would enter into an adventure where the short time and the complexity of the final sample would drag me as if I were the protagonist of a film from the Indiana Jones saga.

The curatorial principle started from a judgment of essential value: to join those artists who mostly live in the province and express themselves from a problematizing, reflective, existential point of view, sometimes of ironic mild humor about the time in which we live today. This polyhedral vision allowed to respect the particular poetics and the habitual use of certain techniques, hence the metaphorical title that identifies the exhibition: “Piedras de río” (River Stones,) alluding to its members, as particular river stones, who come from the villas in general of Trinidad and Sancti Spíritus, located at the center of the Island and characterized by their cobblestone streets that treasure 505 years of existence. The exhibition then included photography, drawing, painting, installation, graphic design and wallpaper.