Beyond the curves of the road, the mountains on the horizon and the sea “opening” its blue, Gibara celebrated the 15th anniversary of its International Film Festival, created by Humberto Solás in 2003.

From the initial nickname of “Pobre” (poor) - humble in its elaboration, but acting and mobilizing, aesthetic and ethical -, it extended its range for the last three editions to become a wide international meeting. «A sea of arts», goes the slogan of this edition, held in the northeastern Cuban city from July 7 to 13, since in Gibara there is, in addition to cinema, visual arts, music, dance, constant interaction with the participants.

Gibara awaits the Festival like Remedios awaits its Parrandas, Holguín does its Romerías de Mayo, and so does Santiago with its Fiesta del an inescapable part of an identity built in daily action. There is nothing similar to this sui generis event. Gibara has magic, mysticism. Few cannot help going out of their homes these days. The parks and Plaza Da Silva are filled with life at dusk.