Espontáneo, carismático y afable.

Emilio Morales, a Cuban musician, arranger and composer, is a virtuoso of the instrument he chose, since childhood, in the performance of repertoires of popular dance music, “filin,” and, above all, jazz, "where you are more free from the musical point of view.”

Spontaneous, charismatic and especially affable, Emilio fluctuates from classic to contemporary music.

In 2008, he founded the group “Los Nuevos Amigos,” in which Enrique Lazaga has been with him ever since, and to which many musicians have joined over time. «The name (The New Friends) is a pretext to revive those jam sessions of Israel Cachao López and other talented people in the 1930s». Since it is definitely a meeting of friends, the group has been seasoned with voices like those of Vania, Leo Vera, Osdalgia, Omara Portuondo, Beatriz Márquez and Sory, who put their souls into the compositions of José Antonio Méndez, Rolando Vergara, Piloto y Vera, Frank Emilio, Eliseo Grenet, Ñico Rojas, Adolfo Guzmán, César Portillo de la Luz, María Teresa Vera, and many more.