Alejandro Falcón lives for music and, luckily, lives from it too. Although he also studied guitar, it is in the percussion instrument he plays every day, in which he finds what he needs to be happy. From his keys, he has masterfully accompanied Omara Portuondo, Beatriz Márquez, Miriam Ramos. It is not easy: each genre has its style, and so does each singer, and to grow in that sense requires training and dedication.

Before starting his solitary path with his Cuban group “Cubadentro” a decade ago, Falcón joined the “Elite,” of Paulito FG; “Otra Visión,” of Orlando Valle (Maraca), among others. With ease, he shifts from timba to jazz, but confesses behind the scenes that he cannot quit composing symphonic music. Many of his pieces have been interpreted by Ruy López Nussa and “La Academia,” “Cuerdas Habana,” “Aires de Concierto,” and “Cuarteto Café,” as well as the National Symphony Orchestra, the “Lyceum Mozartiano de La Habana,” and “Cámara de La Habana.”