Uruguay a golpe de candombe, tango y milonga.
Embajador Eduardo Lorier con la mpaka.

Thirty-nine uninterrupted editions of the Caribbean Festival is something that may be said easily and quickly.  However, each edition is a challenge, a major challenge, in which Cuban cultural policy, as well as the support and tenacity of the Ministry of Culture, the Provincial Directorate of Culture of Santiago de Cuba and the “Casa del Caribe,” among other institutions, are explicitly present.

 It is a festival of popular culture, bearer groups, and the people.  It is so that you can ask at any corner of the most Caribbean city of Cuba and any passerby will tell you that it is the also called “Fiesta del Fuego.”  Every year, Santiago literally burns from July 3 to 9.

 The flames cover the city, they even extend to neighboring towns such as El Cobre, but they also cover the Latin American and Caribbean region with the guest countries of honor to which the event has been dedicated.  The most recent edition was even more comprehensive and the flames expanded to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.