The theater group “Contadores de Mentira” is based in the Brazilian city of Suzano. Created in 1995 and directed by Cleiton Pereira, it has a style based on artistic training and research, cultural militancy linked to social struggles, the construction of networks, and the maturation and diffusion of its theatrical culture. They rummage among their roots and the Latin American reality with the weapons of theatrical anthropology and champion Group Theater.

Among the stagings of the “Contadores de Mentira” are Don Quixote, Curra-temperos on Medeia, O Incrível homem pelo avesso and Coma-me: O Estado de Revolta. Multiple theater referents guide them: Martinez Correia, Boal, Suassuna, etc.

Its most recent release is Cícera, a monologue by Daniele Santana, which covers the life of a woman from the Northeast, a migrant who moved to the cities of the southeast in search of a job and a life with greater opportunities.