Homenaje al Pintor de Iberoamérica
Mensaje exclusivo para el Grupo Excelencias.

Upon the celebration of the hundred years of life of the excellent Ecuadorian painter, on July 6, 2019, the namesake Foundation has organized activities throughout the year 2019 as a tribute to the “Painter of Iberia-America.”  One of the most significant activities was the renovation of the works that are exhibited in the “Capilla del Hombre.”  As a novelty, thirteen paintings from the series known as “Las Manos,” present at the Unasur “Presidents Hall” since 2014, are exhibited.

The Government of Pichincha declared Guayasamín “Hijo Ilustre” (Illustrious Son) of the province, and announced a program of activities paying tribute to him throughout the year, such as the exhibition of large-scale replicas of his works.

 An unprecedented action was the placement of a plaque at Guayasamin´s home and a cultural evening at the headquarters of the Prefecture of Pichincha.

In Arequipa, Peru, the exhibition was inaugurated on the occasion of the birthday of the “Master,” with the presence of Berenice Guayasamín, the painter´s daughter, who chairs the Guayasamín Foundation.  Meanwhile, in the “Capilla del Hombre,” his masterpiece, a painting workshop for the family was organized, and there the participants of the VI International Choir Festival «Voices from the Middle of the World” organized a tribute ceremony».