Los artistas Pedro Molina y Purificación Villafranca disfrutan de las meninas de Willy.

The Granada art space celebrates its fifth anniversary this month of July, and it does so with a personal exhibition, by cubist painter and sculptor Willy L’Eplattenier, which revolves around the figures of Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Willy LP has just exhibited in the Toro Arte Contemporánea gallery, in Italy, and now works tirelessly for the great exhibition he will have in September, at the Santa Fe Institute of America. So they are almost all recent works, some with a new way of painting: with the canvas upside down, which gives natural wealth and depth to the painting.

Artists and creators living in Granada, as well as staunch friends of this doubly international space, attended the opening of the exhibition, attracted by the nationality of the artists who normally exhibit here and by the guests, including Ukrainians, Russians, Belgians, Swiss, Spaniards, Cubans.