Madrepatria, Liset Castillo, 2018.
Sendero de vida XVIII, Inti Hernández.

In this 15th edition of ArtBo, “Galería Acacia” returns with a project focused on highlighting a type of art that sets its sight on the formal construction of the art work, from the aesthetic sophistication and good work. And from that point on, it again delves into topics such as religion, anthropology, the reconstruction of memory and identity, which have characterized our production.

In this sense, the selected artists - René Francisco Rodríguez, Inti Hernández, Glexis Novoa and Liset Castillo - have transcended the aesthetic lines of an insular, Caribbean and third-world scenario, even producing pieces in which it is impossible to identify the place of origin. This project makes evident the change of operational dynamics of Cuban artists, leaving behind old aesthetic canons and operating from the outside (issues of universal slant), inwards (particular or national things).