Los quince de ArtBo
José Carlos de Santiago, presidente del Grupo Excelencias, junto a María Paz Gaviria, directora de ArtBo.
El pueblo, culto y generoso, en masa acude a cada edición del evento.
Un aire de universalidad que motiva al espectador.

Time flies. That incipient International Art Fair, which was born in the Colombian capital in 2005 (that one that has changed the face of the beautiful city of Santa Fé de Bogotá, transforming it into a must site of art in the south of the continent, and in its own country bringing it closer to every corner as something as common as its mountains), will celebrate the 15th edition next September 19-22: a moment of joy and also of reflection to look to its future.

Bogotá has become, since then, an important showcase of Latin American and universal art, where local creators and many others, coming from all over the Americas and the world, exhibit their most recent works for an avid and increasingly knowledgeable public that supports and vindicates this initiative, founded and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. And this 2019 will not be an exception. For five days, the important forum will welcome, in the renovated and central Corferias exhibition center, about sixty galleries of Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Germany, France, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba and Colombia, represented by twenty institutions.