Obra de Aurelien Le Genissel, en Swab Barcelona.

Recently, the eleventh edition of the Swab international fair has been held in Barcelona, of which we already offered extensive information last year. This edition has shown several proposals that serve to give us a greater knowledge about contemporary art that takes place in different places, mainly those related to the American continent, where we have been able to appreciate the creative work of artists who, in most of the cases, it is the first time participating in a fair of these characteristics.
From its beginnings, the soul of the project, the collector and architect Joaquín Díez-Cascón, proposed a scenario where the works of young creators could be exhibited, or what is the same: emerging art, in which the curatorial projects have a predominant role, since it allows us to know closely and personally works that might go unnoticed, but thanks to initiatives of this type, the works can be shown in their entirety. For this reason, a formula that allows a closer relationship between the public, that is, the possible collector, and the artist himself has been sought, taking into account the economic value of the pieces that are exhibited, so that it can be accessible to a great majority of potential buyers, moving away from the premises of pretending to be an elitist art.