Liber Barcelona: la gran plataforma comercial para el libro en español.
Sonia Almaguer en el stand de Cuba de Liber Barcelona.

The news has not yet had the dissemination it deserves: Cuba will be the guest of honor in the International Book Fair Liber, Barcelona -from October 3 to 5-, which is, according to experts, the great commercial platform for the book in Spanish, as well as a substantial opportunity for professional exchange.
The Antillean nation will have a central exhibition space where lectures, presentations, talks and readings of Cuban authors and editors will be held, who will also be presented at other parts of the Spanish city.
Sonia Almaguer, president of the Book Chamber of Cuba and, by extension, of the International Book Fair of Havana, tells us: "We were surprised by the invitation, but once we received the news we saw it as a great opportunity and also a recognition to the work of the Cuban editorial and authorial movement. The idea of participating in Liber has a lot to do with our intentions to promote Cuban literature in the international arena. The fact of being there allows us to take the catalog of publishers, of any literary genre, as well as to present what we have done to promote the habit of reading on the Island. It is a good opportunity to show us to the Spanish literary world.